Mergers and acquisitions are some of the major business ways to ensure growth and increase the product portfolio. The food industry is another sector which is similarly getting impacted by the same.

Tyson Fresh Meats, which is a part of Tyson Foods, Inc. provides beef and pork subsidiary is working along with IdentiGEN. They are working together to use DNA technology and trace the origin of beef back to its individual animal origin. The company Tyson is expected to use IdentiGEN’s DNA traceback technology system to hint the origins of the animal. These cattle’s are expected to be raised for Tysons Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef.

All cattle that would be working in the program will have a DNA sample taken which would be used to find the origin cuts of beef, during the various parts of the supply chain. The DNA traceback procedure is to assure consumers that the products purchased are sourced from ranches where the cattle raising was as per specific requirement and there were no antibiotics being used. Similarly this also reinsures the consumers that no hormones are added to it.

Kent Partida, vice-president of North American business development for IdentiGEN mentioned that the company was currently happy and excited to work along with a market leaders. The DNA traceback process program is one of the most progressive meat identifier system and at the same time makes use of the barcode to link the meat from the source to the point of sale. It will also allow retail customers and various food service customer of Open Prairie beef to share the source story with shoppers. The DNA traceback is a third-party verified process that includes no antibiotics, artificial ingredients, no added hormones, 100% vegetarian diet and many other similar factors. There is also a process that tests if all the animal welfare standards are met.

Kent Harrison, vice-president of marketing at Tyson Fresh Meats mentioned that this step will help in bridging the supply and demand gap. Furthermore, it will also help in providing transparency and share information about the food production process. The company is hoping that with the help of DNA traceback, they would be able to provide evidence to retail and food service customers about the quality, natural beef and also share details of the animals used in producing the beef.

IdentiGEN is an Ireland based company that provides the best of DNA based study and share the report to the existing agri-food industry. Currently the company has laboratories across various regions of the United States, Ireland, Europe and U.K. together both the companies are expected to provide optimum quality meat products to its consumers.