Uber has announced its new feature which allows users to make free voice calls to the cab driver. This feature uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to allow voice calls via the Uber app, was launched across the globe in October 2018, and it is now announced in India. The in-app calling service is available to select users with both Apple iPhones and Android phones. The feature will make easier for all Uber users who wish to keep their phone number private when connecting with the Uber cab driver.

Along with enabling free calls for cab riders, Company has allowed free voice calls for its cab driver partners also. The main aim of this move is to let drivers and riders communicate with each other for free of cost, while keeping respective mobile numbers private. It is important to note that you can still communicate with regular voice calls, means the feature is completely optional.

How Does Uber’s new feature works?

To communicate with a cab driver, hit the calling button after booking a cab and then click the Free Call option from the drop-down menu. The app will ask for permission to access the microphone of your mobile phones. Once you allow for the permission, the call starts, and you can see driver name with call timer on your mobile screen. It also includes an option for turn on the speaker or mutes the audio call. There is an option to end the active VoIP call.

When you are communicating with Uber driver via VoIP call, he cannot see your name or phone number. He simply identified particular rider as “Uber”. It will be the same, when the driver calls you through VoIP.

This means, the main advantage of this new feature is that, it can able to keeps your name and phone number private.