Uber Increases Prices in New York City; Citing New Minimum Wages Law

The leading transportation company ‘Uber’ has recently announced that they are rising prices and tapering some bonuses for drivers in the New York, where a new least pay rule is in effect.

Uber Company will surge the charge of trips in the New York starting from Friday as per the new law, the company told in a report to Bloomberg. Likewise, because the rule needs the company to incentives to drivers for their return rides after taking consumers outside the city. Similarly, some out-of-town rides will incur an additional charges.

On top of such price hikes, as Uber passengers are in large numbers in the Manhattan city of New York, like those consuming other apps for ride services will need to pay $2.75 more for per trip, and $75 for group rides.

For its New York City drivers, “few offers of extra pay may no longer be available, and beginning in May its top Uber Black service will be regulated to drivers with near about 4.85 consumer rating out of 5. Drivers will get waged more for the time they use waiting after that”, the San Francisco Company reported.

Similarly, the drivers will get their extra wages same time. The pay rule, approved in December by the New York city’s Limousine and Taxi commission, and guarantees with drivers minimum salary of US$ 17.22 an hour. Both Juno and Lyft filed complaint Wednesday to block the rule. After that, the Judge Andrea Masley agreed a hearing on March 18.

Lyft decayed to statement on the new law; and Juno didn’t answer to an email seeking statement. Uber, which is not challenging the regulation, reported Thursday.

The group’s founder Jim Conigliaro stated that, “Shame on Juno and Lyft for extending the suffering for their drivers, several hardworking people and their families.”