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Unveiling the Android 12 features: Privacy Dashboard, Camera Handling

During the I/O 2021, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai revealed some details about the outlook of Android 12 and its features. The features are expected to launch for the testers in the coming months and Beta 2 users specifically, according to sources. Android 12 will manifest an integration of the Privacy dashboard along with quirky tweaks in the camera and microphone.

The Privacy Dashboard will be held by the end-user and accessible from Settings, which will give you a coherent and clear timeline overview of the last 24 hours accessibility provided to location, camera, and microphone. Users were grabbing sources for wanting more insights into what data apps will be accessing and for what purpose. As much as the knowledge gained on Android 12, the developers will be giving a resolute context about their application usage through the new permittance and protocol platform- API.

“If an app with permissions attempts to access the microphone or camera but the user has the sensors turned off, the system will display a message to inform the user that they must turn the sensors back on in order to use the app’s features,” said Google in the blog post.

Another significant change in the setup will account for so much as microphone and camera indicators will now be available on the top-right corner of the screen. For example, when you open the camera app, icons for both sensors will appear in the top-right corner. The pill shrinks into a dot after a few seconds.Android 12 will unleash a toast message template in form of notifications and the users will be surveilled whenever an app gets access to their clipboard. This removes the scope of extensive piracy and internal hacks, which are often observed as inaccessible apps and OS platforms.

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