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US Takes Community Based Approach for Combating Sickle Cell Disease

To combat and limit the increasing cases of Sickle Cell Disease many clinicians, community health centers, and advocates have come together to spread awareness, thinking to investments in research and treatments, and taking steps like partnerships to explore novel solutions.

Moreover, large many hospitals have large group of physicians, practitioners, psychologists, and many other groups working hard to provide the best care for the kids grappling with Sickle Cell Disease. Furthermore, some churches and community group including health ministries have collaborated with organizations such as Red Cross to spread awareness about the diseases and possible solutions to mitigate it. They are specially focusing on blood donations that are very essential for kids suffering from Sickle Cell Disease.

Interim director of the sickle cell program Dr. Beatrice Gee stated that, they are focused on providing equitable health care access to the patients in rural communities.In addition, policymakers and community partners are also taking crucial steps. For example, Aflac that was sponsor of the sickle cell program has developed a robotic My Special Aflac Duck. It is designed to help children suffering from cancer and the blood disorder reduce stress and learn through playing.

In US alone, nearly 2,000 babies are born with the genetic disorder. The genetic disease is more prevalent in the black community. Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited blood disorder that leads to multiple health complication.Dr. Beatrice Gee is also the director of the sickle cell comprehensive pain program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and an associate professor of pediatrics at Emory University.

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