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Volkswagen Reveals About Future Battery Plans

Volkswagen is planning to increase the production of electric vehicles. The company made an announcement on Monday that they are planning to establish several gigafactories in Europe by the end of the year.

Thomas Schmall, who is CEO of Volkswagen Group Components said that the company would establish six-cell factories in Europe by 2030 along with its would offer the security of supply. The company expects the factories to produce battery cells with a combined energy value of 240-gigawatt hours each year.

The first two factories will be constructed in the Northvolt facility in Skellefteå, Sweden, and Volkswagen’s Salzgitter site in Germany. The Northvolt Facility has received a $14 billion battery cell order from Volkswagen. This increases its ownership stake in the Swedish battery maker.

The company will focus on a new unified cell. This unified battery will be rolled-out in 2023 and used in 80% of the group’s electric vehicles in 2030. The cost of battery systems is significantly below $119.19 per kilowatt-hour. This will make e-mobility more affordable and will be dominating the drive technology.

Volkswagen has planned to operate  18,000 public fast-charging points in Europe by the year 2025. This is accomplished through a series of strategic partnerships. VW said it would team up with oil giant BP and top European utilities Enel and Iberdrola to expand electric vehicle charging. The fast-chargers with a charging capacity of 150 kW will be installed at a total of 4,000 BP and ARAL fuel stations.

Vehicles manufactured by  VW’s modular MEB electric vehicle platform will support bidirectional, or two-way, charging. This will allow collecting electricity from solar enervating and store it in the vehicle. They will be fed back into the home network. This will offer an independent public power grid and they can save money.

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