Walmart Inc is speeding up its rivalry with Inc by way of proposing one-day delivery without charging any shipping fee. This has come in weeks after Amazon’s announcement of alike offer – a step that would strengthen the battle to supply orders to shoppers at a speedier pace.

Recently, Amazon states that it plans to transport orders to its Prime members of their loyalty club in only one day. Also, it anticipates expending $800 million for shipping objective only in the 2nd quarter.

However, Walmart’s offer is applicable to only a few products. Almost 220,000 products that are very frequently been purchased will be eligible for one-day shipping.  Also, the orders need to be at least $35 in terms of value so as to qualify.

The deal of Walmart will be offered to online customers in Phoenix plus Las Vegas. Then, will be expanding to Southern California in the upcoming days.

The service may perhaps roll out slowly but surely along with a strategy to reach approx. 75 percent of the population in the U.S. this year. This will include almost 40 of the top 50 U.S. metro regions.

One-day shipping leads the modern salvo in a battle among two retailers. That has been consistently trying to surpass each other in everything.

Walmart began offering a one-day pickup in its inventory in 2011. And engrossed with the Amazon’s 2-days free shipping almost two years ago without proposing any membership fee.

It has been successful in closing the gap with its e-commerce competitor. That is through rolling out services like curbside grocery pickup & same-day grocery delivery.

On the other hand, Amazon has accelerated to imitate the assets of brick-&-mortar competitors like Walmart. Also, has a diverse record with such projects. Now, it is sprinting to open stores along with top-selling products.