As health is very important where technology gets the bad wrap which is understood. Devices, applications and regular smart products are designed to distract the individual from the day or from philosophical feeling. Just think how much time is been spent on a smartphone every day.

Just like the other thing used extensively can be harmful, whereas at the same time by using it appropriately can enhance life.

Technology can be a strong tool and supportive way to gain vision in ways to enhance health, as it can be utilized to simplify the personal goals of improvement.

Rick Smolan commented “Every time there’s a new tool, whether it’s Internet or cell phones or anything else, all these things can be used for good or evil. Technology is neutral; it depends on how it’s used”.

In the world that is progressively being shaped by the technology that is regularly used, or maybe it the time to morsel bullet and use the same technology to enhance well-being and health.

Use a phone to train with meditation

Anyone who has entered the world of meditation will inform that getting started is difficult after pushing from learning to meditate can generate the host of advantages such as controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health and decreasing stress.

Tools such as Insight Timer helps in practicing mindfulness and strolls through the procedure of meditation to get well as it does not require a phone for the experience.

To start the fitness regime, technology is used

As it may look like increasing fashion on social media, highlighted and mentioned in countless studies, staying active or working out is the critical component having a healthy and long life.

As per the World Health Organization, around 2.0 Bn adults, over 18 years were overweight. Of these around 655 Mn were heavy. Obesity results in the host of long-term complications resulting in early death.

Apart from downloading the motivational apps, there are various tools out helping to get in shape. Smart tools such as Mirror takes the personal trainer directly to the living room for definitive aerobic experience. Whereas wearable such as Fitbits or the standard Apple Watch considers monitoring fitness to other levels.

Calculating heart rate and steps come standard in the modern wearable world. Tools such as Peloton Treadmill or Soul Electronics Pro Bio headphones help enhance the running for better workouts.

Technology assists in better eating

The other critical constituent for staying healthy is pushing the right stuff in the body. Actually, the current study mentioned how 1 in 5 deaths is related to poor diet. There is a technology that is helping to eat properly. Tools such as MyFitnessPal permit taking photos of the food packaging that is consumed daily to monitor the nutritional value.

Smart scales are helping to monitor the body consumption and body weight. Pavlok wristband is striking in making better food choices.

Technology support in better sleep

As per National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute sleep is playing an important role in physical health. Sleep is helpful in refreshing the brain regularly. As it is involved in the processes such as repairing and healing of the heart’s blood vessels.

The best news is that there is the host of the technology that helps track sleep as it helps enhance the total experience of sleeping. Light-blocking glasses are designed to block blue-spectrum light suppressing the melatonin production required to sleep.