At the next instance as soon as Netflix or even Amazon suggests you that what you must be seeing or shopping subsequently, don’t just let that notification pass over.

Your private life – be it movie streaming, shopping, in-app experiences, long drives or even night-time dinners. The whole thing is being followed, analyzed as well as packed into data sets in order to enhance the consumer experiences that reach the advertisers later.

These tech companies know everything under the sun.

Then be it your locality & address, relationship & work status, earnings, educational & financial background, religious & political views, communications, pursuit & reading history, social media behavior, health data or else shopping account, the niftier algorithms are tiring crunching the whole thing about you.

As per the Senior Vice President as well as Head at CyberMedia Research (CMR), Thomas George- in a world motivated by demanding & intolerant customers looking for instant satisfaction, tech firms need to alter as well as reorient their industry in order to provide superior customer experience (CX).

“While doing so, they have to learn more about consumers to tailor assistance accordingly,” George said IANS.

On April 16, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos communicated to the investors that the video streaming service will shortly start releasing “more specific as well as granular data & reporting” to, unlike groups.

“First to our producers, then our members and, of course, to the press over time. The aim is to be fully transparent about what people are watching on Netflix around the world,” Sarandos further stated.

CEO of Netflix Hastings stated that the company will incline towards being even more transparent “quarter by quarter”.

The OTT (over-the-top) business in December publicized that approximately 45 million accounts viewed its horror movie “Bird Box”.  Just in the 1st seven days of its release.

Also, Netflix is testing an innovative ‘Top 10’ feature which will display the 10 utmost popular TV series. Also, more than 150 million subscribers view films.

A recent report of the New York Times held that Amazon’s marketing services are leveraging Machine Learning for dissecting consumers’.

“In addition to knowing what people buy, Amazon knows where people live. Because they provide delivery addresses, and which credit cards they use,” as per the report.

“It knows how old their children are from their baby registries. Also, knows who has a cold, right now, from cough syrup ordered for two-hour delivery. The company has been expanding a self-service option for ad agencies and brands to take advantage.

In addition, Amazon’s marketing business currently is worth more than $125 billion