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What is Trending in the US Health Insurance Landscape?

Health Insurance in the USA is emerging as the newest buzzword amidst staggering COVID-19 instances and associated outcomes affecting millions’ wellbeing.Aligning with current situation, Health Insurance companies in the US are actively launching novel blueprints to accommodate 360-degree inclusion of testing and diagnostics, therapeutic stance, and preventive measures.IN the light of growing cases of COVID-19, and the associated surge in vaccine supply and registration spike, health insurant e companies in the US, are invariably focusing on vaccine availability and access besides ensuring overall acceptance.

Leading Health Insurance company, Aetna, a sister concern of CVS Health, is coming up with novel plans to complement COVID-19 vaccination plans.The company has announced a waive off for coronavirus vaccination entitled for Medicaid and Commercial members. For all these members, Aetna is touted to cover total vaccination costs for members in Medicare Advantage Plan, 2020-21.

Additionally, the company is also foreseen to include various curated plans for the availability of OTC products, specifically for Medicare Advantage members.The specially designed You Kits are also available for these members to encourage doable self-care practices. These kits contain sanitizers, thermometers, and Aetna face masks to contain further spread and aggravation, especially during flu seasons.

Further in strengthening COVID-19 management plans, Aetna is introducing remote healthcare for all expecting mothers who are currently avoiding in-person doctor visits. Lapses in regular physician consultation is suicidal in pregnancy. Therefore, remote healthcare is the next best option to address the situation.Aetna has also recently partnered with MAP Health Management to develop and offer expanded telehealth assistance to various victims of substance abuse.

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