WhatsApp is all set to launch its new security feature for iOS users, which will allow you to block other people with access to your phone, from reading your messages. To enable this on the iPhone feature, users have to update the latest version of the messaging service. Users could find the same in the “setting” option and going to the “help” menu. To use the same feature user have to download version 2.19.20.

However, several security features for android phones is under development and would be rolled out in the coming days. So far, currently WhatsApp has only enabled this feature on Apple devices. In case, if you don’t have the desired version, you can update it from iOS App Store. You will see the newest version “What’s New” in the iOS App store.

After updating the latest version of WhatsApp, reopen the app and tap on settings. Click on the “account” option, then move to “privacy” on the new menu.

The type of iPhone will determine that how different users unlock their WhatsApp with iPhone XS, X, XR, and XS Max showing “Face ID” and devices with fingerprint scanner showing “Touch ID”. The preferred setting can be found in “screen lock”.  IPhone Users must know that this feature is by default toggled off, so it need to be switched on.

As soon as you are finished with it, a new set of menus. Users may have WhatsApp lock as soon as they open another app, or they may pick different times. But, while choosing “immediately” might become tedious as they need to unlock WhatsApp each time they open a different app.

This further authentication is particularly useful for users who are letting other people use their mobiles but do not wish someone reading their personal messages.

With this new authentication feature switched on, iPhone users can enable other people to access their mobile without them seeing the WhatsApp messages on the smartphone.