WhatsApp has recently announced through an FAQ post that the app is temporarily banning the accounts who have been using the third-party versions of the messaging app such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. These modified versions of WhatsApp are developed by third-parties for this reason the company can’t authenticate their security practices. These modified apps interrupt the terms of service section of the official WhatsApp app.

The company reported that to continue using WhatsApp, users need to have downloaded the official WhatsApp. The company even provided steps on how to download the official WhatsApp version along with the instruction on how to backing up history before downloading.

“If you received WhatsApp message that your account is ‘Temporarily banned’ it means that you are likely using an unverified version instead of the official version of WhatsApp,” the company stated. “You need to download the official version to continue using WhatsApp,” the post stated.

As we stated, WhatsApp has provided all the guidelines for users of WhatsApp GB and Plus. WhatsApp modified versions to migrate their data to the official WhatsApp version.

“It is important to note that we can’t ensure that this will be an effective chat history transference because official WhatsApp does not support third-party apps,” it added.

If users are using a third-party app other than these, they are counseled to save the message history before migrating.

The note also added that, the accounts have not banned permanently, while users have been advised to save their chat history before switching.

“If users are using the official WhatsApp version, and were still banned, it was because of the user desecrated its Terms of Service.” The company stated.

According to the post, if users feel their WhatsApp ban was by mistake can request the decision by sending email to the company.