WhatsApp has announced that it changing the Setting menu for Android version. The new update is available for Beta users i.e. v2.19.45. This update brings about major design changes that aim to make navigating the Setting easier than before. The updated menu puts emphasis on delivering more information with each button to make it easier to navigate to the option which user wants to access.

When you visit the Setting page of your WhatsApp, you can see the new icons which are more attractive than the previous one. Similarly, the update includes detailed information about a particular option under the title, showing that what function does a specific option provides. For example, the Account option now shows additional functions such as Privacy, Change Number, and Security.

Similarly the Payment option will show bank account details which linked to your WhatsApp account. All the menus in the Help option have also been updated with new icons. ┬áThe ‘Data and storage usage’ option has also been updated extensively. The new option will now allow users to see the data sent and received.

Underneath Chat settings, in the place of tick boxes, the updated options have sliding buttons in front of them. Some other options such as Chat backup, Chat history, and Wallpaper updated with dedicated icons.

The redesigned UI of WhatsApp will let the user see the number of photos, total messages exchanged, GIFs and videos exchanged, detail information about shared locations in between the members in a group.

Also, the menus have a new layout than the previous one and all parameter having a different icon. The updated setting menu is currently available only for the beta version. The launching date of this new update for the stable version has not been declared yet, but it may be available soon.