WhatsApp is currently working on two new upgrades to its ‘Forward Message’ feature to curb fake news and misinformation from spreading on WhatsApp platform.

As per the report, the ‘Frequently Forwarded’ and ‘Forwarding info’ features will be the part of Android beta version 2.19.80.

Among these two updates, the ‘Frequently forwarded’ feature will appear on the top of the message window if the specific message has been forwarded four times or more than that.

The other feature ‘Forwarding info’ will inform users that how many times a message sent by the user has been forwarded. Users need to go to Message Information section to get all the forwarding details like ‘Read’ and ‘Delivered’ information,

According to the report, the feature will only work for messages that the user send. To get the forwarding information about the messages that the users receive, they need to forward it to someone else.

However, the forwarding messages will not available if the message has been repeatedly forwarded, more than four times or more.

The report stated that, theses updates are currently under development and they will not available for beta testers as of now.

The ‘Forwarding info’ update will be released in the upcoming beta updates, however, it is not confirmed, when it will launch for the stable version.

The main aim of such updates is to stop fake news and misinformation from spreading on its platform.

WhatsApp also revealed a global limit for the forwarded message to five people. However, for iOS users, WhatsApp is introducing the Short Link feature for the Business beta version This feature is already available on both the WhatsApp Business and regular Android for Android apps, and it is finally being tested on iOS, said report.