The recently held World Economic Forum’s annual meeting has shed light upon many interesting issues and concerns. These issues were strongly addressed by economic giants and experts. One of the most talked about trend at the meeting was the belief we have entered the fourth industrial revolution which is demanding and challenging our very efforts. Keeping up with the pace at which this industrial revolution is unfolding, bringing in change in work patterns has become of the utmost importance for many major companies all across the world.  Ellyn Shook, head of HR, Accenture’s in an interview at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting spoke on the same issue and how Accenture is coping up with the industrial revolution we are facing.

Accenture ranks 8th in the World on the 50 Best Large Workplaces in Europe’s list ranked by Great Place to Work Institute. It is also ranked 7th in the world for the best companies for leadership list ranked by HayGroup. Managing a company with lacs of employees can challenging especially with the technological advancements we are moving ahead with. The concepts and artificial intelligence and machines replacing humans is not new to us. Accenture seems to have smartly decoded a solution or counter concept to this exiting one. Accenture retrained its 300000 employees with new skill sets programs. They launched a new software called ‘job buddy’ which easily helps employees identify which of their skills will be replaced with technology and which new ones do they need to learn for advancing in their career. Companies with massive employee number need to realize that their strength lies in their employees. Accenture has retrained its 300000 lac employees over the last 4 years with an annual expenditure of $1 billion. This intense program also tracks an employee’s skill benefit to the company within a span of 6 month and if it doesn’t prove beneficial the skills are refined further. Accenture is in the top most global positions today due to its vision to be the best and deliver the best.