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Why Do Some People Still Might Infect Covid-19 after being Vaccinated?

As the progress of vaccination surges across the states, we are hearing rumors of some cases where people got infected with Covid-19 after being Vaccinated. Patients across the world might get fretful in taking the vaccines after hearing such stories. It is highly recommended that people understand that these vaccines are highly effective, but they do not guarantee 100 percent protection.

Due to the no guarantee policy, there will be a small proportion of people who still contract Covid-19 after being vaccinated. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that the vaccine wouldn’t help them to recover from the adverse Consequences of Covid-19. “Having been fully vaccinated for six weeks and then to get a positive COVID test, I was shocked. I’ve read that if someone gets vaccinated with COVID it’s usually very mild symptoms. But for two days my symptoms were not mild at all. I was in bed, very ill,” said Ariel Silver, a sales manager in one of the leading medical companies.

The recurrence of the infection of Covid-19 after being vaccinated should not be deemed as a bewildering incident. A physician familiar with the matter said that we shouldn’t be surprised about some people still being infected as they might have a high-risk exposure factor to quest their troubles. The health officials don’t expect any case of severe complications as the vaccine predicts to be highly effective, in the case of both the Pfizer BioNtech and Moderna vaccines.

The people got reassured about the initial fears that they were facing while hesitating to take a vaccine, but now they have acknowledged the fact that the vaccine is helping out people to avoid adverse circumstances. Ultimately, all three vaccines are highly effective at preventing people from hospitalizations and deaths.

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