As Wipro is concentrating on increasing the revenue from the India State-Run Enterprises, a business having the operating margins. However, by recruiting sales talent and account managers, they are looking to tap the state and central governments for growth.

As India SRE business providers of IT service are a contribution to departments and entities are having possession by the Indian Government.

However, for the year 2019, Wipro describes around USD 123.6 Mn in revenue from the SRE business. It mentions that the segment is having a margin of operating of almost -21% for the year. Thus, the revenue from the segment is not including the revenue of the company’s IT services.

The source with the direct knowledge of plans of company mentions that there was the most important restructuring in business. Thus, this company is deciding to invest again. Whereas there is the more discriminating picking of projects. However, concentrating on utilities and banks in government and public sector in precise regions like Western India and South India.


Sanjeev Singh of Wipro is heading the India state-run business, whereas Anand Padmanabhan is heading the business of private enterprises for the country. However, part of a plan of growth includes taking in talent with the account managers are managing the projects of the government. Hence, they are looking for bringing almost 10-12 people with account and sales managing understanding.

However, on searching the professional site of networking LinkedIn, it is showing the slide of job offerings enquiring for almost 6 to 10 years of knowledge in selling to public and government sector businesses and potential to ‘hunt’ for novel consumers and already present accounts ‘farm’.

As Wipro involves the revenue on getting from the private sector in India with the revenue of IT services. However, the company is not breaking the revenue separately.