Stories of science fiction are chocking the schemes of terraforming and oxygen generators where humans require molecular oxygen to breathe. Whereas on other planets with the thick atmospheres, it is very difficult for O2 to come by.

Hence, on exploring the space, there is a need for bringing oxygen supply. However, it is not ideal as a lot of energy is necessary to hoist things in space atop a rocket.

However, in one place molecular oxygen is appearing outside of Earth in threads of gas streaming off comets. Professor of chemical engineering at Caltech, Konstantinos P. Giapis and Yunxi Yao, a postdoctoral fellow is proposing the presence of chemical processes. Hence, it accounts for the production. Professor of Chemistry, Tom Miller, along with Giapis claims about helping humans for exploring the universe and fight the climate change.

Research of Giapis

Many of the chemical reactions are needing energy, providing the heat. However, research of Giapis is showing the unusual reactions occurring by offering kinetic energy. Thus, water molecules are reporting tiny bullets on the surfaces comprising oxygen like rust or sand. Whereas the water molecule rips off the oxygen for producing molecular oxygen. Hence, the reaction is occurring on comets when water molecules are vaporizing from the surface and fasten up the solar wind. This is crashing back in comet at high speed.

Hence, comets are emitting CO2 (carbon dioxide). However, Yao and Giapis are testing if CO2 is producing molecular oxygen in collisions with the surface. On finding O2 in the stream of gases detaching off the comet, and confirm the reaction equivalent to the reaction of water. By designing an experiment to crash CO2 on the inert surface of gold foil are not oxidizing and producing molecular oxygen. On the other hand, O2 is continuing to emit from the gold surface. Thus, it meant that atoms of oxygen are coming from a CO2 molecule, efficiently excruciating it in an extraordinary manner.

However, by understanding the mechanism of breaking down of CO2 to molecular oxygen, Giapis is designing the computer simulations of the complete procedure. Thus, on understanding the reaction posing the substantial challenge due to the formation of molecules. And these molecules are having much energy that the constituent atoms are rotating and vibrating around to an enormous degree. Hence, the motion is making the simulating reaction in the computer more complex as atoms in molecules are moving in difficult ways.