Hemp seeds are the seeds that cultivate on hemp plants or cannabis sativa. In addition, even though marijuana & hemp seeds come from the same species of plant, their compositions are dissimilar in a number of ways.

As we head towards an even more liberal food style, we have learned that hemp seeds do not consist of any psychotropic possessions. Actually, it is amongst one the healthiest form of seeds to consume. It is also a rich source of fiber, protein, needed vitamins as well as minerals. This great component has almost 0.3% of THC & essentially offers added health benefits than any other form of a seed.

While this superfood is extremely high in its nutritive value still several regions have banned its usage. Some of its benefits are been listed below:

Reduces inflammation
Hemp seeds have got anti-inflammatory assets. That is further enriched due to the presence of omega-3 as well as GLA in its composition. The reduction of inflammation aids fighting off several chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart diseases & fatty liver disease.

Reduces PMS & cramps
PMS & cramps are an essential part of every single woman’s life. The emotional, as well as physical turmoil, cannot be eluded. This turmoil even interrupts daily routine activities. It is assumed that such symptoms are because of the sensitivity of a prolactin hormone. Hemp seeds consist of essential fatty acids (GLA) that aids in getting rid of the sensitivity that is caused by that hormone. Therefore, aiding in decreasing the effects that PMS & cramps have over our body.

Enhances Skin
The anti-inflammatory possessions present within the seeds aid in treating eczema along with reducing acne. Moreover, hemp seeds consist of omega-3 and 6 in huge volumes that aids in enhancing skin health by creating it more moisturized & strengthening it against the ecological elements.