The group of the local environment is worrying after learning the 3M plant failing to follow the federal law. However, this is releasing the specific chemicals in the Tennessee River.

Thus, David Whiteside, Riverkeeper, Founder of Tennesse are aware of the chemicals. However, the environmental non-profit is starting the fight with the company filing the lawsuit in contrast to 3M.

Although, the breakthrough is giving the proof of Tennessee Riverkeeper for not trusting 3M and the appropriate chemical disposal.

Environmental Protection Agency

However, the giant of chemical manufacturing claims Environmental Protection Agency about releasing the chemical, FBSA in the Tennessee River. Whereas 3M also mentions that EPA is releasing other chemicals, FBSEE, in a river.

Whiteside mentions that Tennessee Riverkeeper is anxious that 3M is not following the TSA (Toxic Substance Act). Therefore, it is significant about knowing what people are dumping in the river, and is horrifying.

Although, EPA is prohibiting the company from releasing chemicals in the water as agency functions for determining the threat of injury.

However, chemicals are the short chain replacements of PFOS and PFOA. Whereas PFOS and PFOA chemicals are present in West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority for the supply of drinking water. Although, 3M is settling the lawsuit of federal drinking water contamination with the authority of water.

Thus, the regulations of the environment are not telling to the public regarding the releasing of chemicals. However, it is not clear about releasing chemicals in the river.

Although, Whiteside claims that politicians are having the meeting on hands for not doing anything. Hence it is doing the job for protecting the ways of water and imposing the laws of common sense. Although, 3M is releasing the statement about releasing the chemicals.

Thus, 3M is voluntarily reporting to ADEM and EPA releasing the manufacturing procedure not complying with the TSCA (Toxic Substance Control Act).

Although, while shutting down the procedures of manufacturing and finishing the changes for addressing the issue. However, 3M is taking the obligations of environmental compliance and analyzing the performance in contrast to obligations.