Each and every time elections come up, the public is bombarded with a number of ideologies, debates, promises, criticisms as well as ultramodern visions. As per the political psychology, in this sensitively charged environment. There are several voters who get very much influenced by the rhetoric and so. Also finding it difficult to make a rational choice. They generally vote for a contestant who mirrors as well as reinforces their occupational, psychological, social, ethnic or religious identity in faith that as soon as selected, the contestant will support them in safeguarding & consolidating this identity. It is also observed that persons dislike candidates who come up challenging their identity & world view, also might go to limits to lobby against them.

Generally, in selecting political contestants, people are directed by such selfish interests, conscious biases & unconscious biases. Thus, the consequences of these electoral choices are certainly not exceptional. The representatives are always anxious about antagonizing their maintenance groups. Along with a lot of their work is focused on keeping their electors happy, frequently ignoring the greater collective good. All this has disrupted the nation’s growth.

The Tamil spiritual classic

The Tamil spiritual classic, Thirukkural, openly states that a representative who directs the country incorrectly. They are eviler than the number of external opponents. It also states that an ideal minister is the one who is physically as well as mentally strong, hardworking, morally upright, intelligent & compassionate. Also, he investigates deeply, takes correct & firm decisions along with its bold execution.

Thus, for the development and betterment of any nation, people must learn to move above their narrow selves and make a wise choice. However, some are of the view that there are no ideal contenders & thus does one just settle for the greatest of a bad bunch? Nevertheless an ideal might manifest at a collective level. When several amongst the strongly invoke, persistently aspire plus work hard for it.

For making a new beginning it is very important to relinquish ones selfish interests, rejecting divisive groups. This will surely inspire contenders to think, feel & act from a greater level. In a word, a single transformation in the group psyche of voters is capable of bringing alike transformation. Also by turning them into more rational representatives.

Prior to casting the vote, one needs to read the manifestos cautiously. And pay attention to the speeches of all the candidates responsively. The nation needs councils who have a strong sense for all those who are suffering, ailing. And the marginalized as well as who are keen to walk that extra mile for supporting them. Publics’ representatives ought to transcend man-made barriers of caste, class, region & religion, also see the nation as an indivisible whole – bringing diverse castes, classes as well as subgroups together followed by slowly forming a cohesive communal.