Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has combined the Upstate hospital’s list requesting visitors to stay away for preventing the spread of flu.

Dr. Christopher Lombardozzi, medical officer of quality commented that the main goal was to have family and friends make an informed and appropriate decisions. Even stated to take the best judgment before scheduling a visit.

Upstate hospitals are requesting that pregnant women, with breathing difficulties or lung conditions, flu-like symptoms and children below 18 should visit only if an emergency. Adults who are old are also requested to stay away.

As per the state Department of Health and Environmental Control claimed that recently four people died because of flu, getting the total number of people who have surrendered to the flu.

As per the report of an agency, flu is increasing in South Carolina and considered prevalent all over the world.

The season of flu is from October to May, mounting in February but recently, the frequency of flu has increased.

The symptoms of flu include a headache, dry cough, sudden onset of fever, sore throat, extreme fatigue, muscle aches and stuffy or a runny nose. Children may even show symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

As per the study by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that many of the people suffering from flu get better in some days or two weeks, while some get complicated such as pneumonia which can be dangerous for life.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that people who are mostly at higher risk are including people aged 65 and older, pregnant women, people with prolonged medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or asthma and young children.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention evaluates that flu is caused between about 9.2 million and 36 million infections, around 140000 and 710000 hospitalizations and approximately about 12000 to 56000 deaths every year.

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System also mentions that patients younger than 2, aged 65 and older, pregnant women, tenants of long-term facility or nursing home and those with several chronic conditions like blood disorders and heart diseases search for care at an emergency room for flu.

Several officials’ states that people ought to see their initial physician or primary visit the immediate center for treating flu.