Planet Earth crosses billions in terms of population and some admirable men and women among these billion are struggling to make this world a better place to live. Actions of these 5 individuals are not going unnoticed as their capability to stick around the long-term global challenges such as poverty, peacemaking or climate change is remarkable. But, the clock is ticking and some are already on the brink.

Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has still not attained the king position yet he is effectively running Saudi Arabia. Everyone is convinced he can effortlessly govern another half century. Even the skeptics admire prince for cleverly outmaneuvering and outshining competitors. Though, his enemies count is on peak as he has pushed aside other royals but he has positioned himself to rule the absolute monarchy for decades.

“If he remains healthy and the politics, culture, society and economics of the country and the region go in a way that would support a long-term ruler, he could be in leadership for 50-plus years,” said Paul Sullivan, a Middle East specialist at Georgetown University in Washington. “This is very rare.”

Kim Jong Un, North Korea
Assassination, coup or war with the U.S. is foresight as critical risk to Kim Jong Un. However, if none of the aforementioned factors topple him, he is likely to maintain his grip on North Korea for decades, as his father and grandfather managed. Kim is in his thirties, so it is anticipated that his natural lifespan will stretch at least for forty or fifty years.

“I do not see any likely scenario in the near future that would undermine Kim Jong Un’s power,” stated Sebastian Maslow, an assistant professor at Kobe University. “Unless we witness action by the U.S. or South Korean special military units to remove him by force, we will have to deal with Kim Jong Un as North Korean leader for some time to come.”

Xi Jinping, China
Chinese Communist Party’s move to repeal presidential term limits has shook Xi Jingping’s Presidential position.

“Xi has set out his ambition to lead China for a long-term, at least through the 2020s, I think we can assume, if he remains healthy,” stated Tom Rafferty, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s regional manager for China. “Event risk still pertains, however. A bout of economic instability or a mishandled international confrontation—neither of which can be discounted—would weaken his position internally and give an opportunity to others.”

Vladimir Putin, Russia
President Vladimir Putin has put an end to every threat to his power. Threat coming from ambitious oligarchs to Western sanctions to Chechen separatists.

He has positively won the approval rating, control over national media and political arena which ensures his next six-year win. However, upcoming constitutional limit may compel him to give up the presidency.
“Putin wants to keep the levers of influence to give him a veto over his successor’s decisions,” said Tatiana Stanovaya, a political analyst at the R.Politik think tank. “He has to build a system that will maintain the status quo even when he isn’t president—the Putin regime must remain even without Putin.”