If you are having a desk job, you might perhaps know the pain of sitting for 8-9 long hours, as a result of which people start having irritation in eyes, back pain and so on. Staying sedentary at a place for a longer period of spell would possibly cause a great suffering as well as might even give way to a number of health-related problems. Some of such common problems along with their probable solutions have been listed below:

  • Neck pain

Staring at the desktop screen all day long might cause serious pain in your neck as well as spine. This occurs as it takes more muscle for holding your neck at 30 degrees in order to work over the computer than holding it straight.

Solution: Try to position your computer in such a manner that the center of the screen is in level of your chin. In this manner your chin would stay neutral as well as you might not have to twist your neck for working over the system.

·         Lack of concentration

Sitting in a stagnant position all through the day restricts the flow of your blood, thus, a very less quantity of oxygen reaches the brain. This probably leaves you foggy-brain as well as you might find it hard to concentrate.

Solution: Try moving as much as possible. This would make you more resourceful, also you would probably be able to focus in a healthier way. Take a walk almost after every hour & make certain that you walk while you are talking to someone over the mobile phone.

·         Depression

According to a study published recently in an American Journal of Preventative Medicine, women of middle-aged women who have to sit at a same position for around seven hours or more in a day are more probable of suffering from depression than those sit only four or less hours on a daily basis.

Solution: One should try to include 30 minutes of walk every day in their routine. As individuals spending some time with the nature are likely to exert a pull on less negative feelings. Dwelling over negative feelings raises the risk of depression.

·         Lower back pain

This is one of the most common medical problems that are faced by every person who have a sedentary life. Stooping at the desk for a very spell period of time leads to back pain. Another reason that is the problem is poor posture.

Solution: Make an effort towards improving the body posture. Pain from poor posture might take a huge amount of time for recovering.  Also, try using another keyboard while working on a laptop to avoid stooping over.

·         Leg pain

When your legs are at the static position or don’t stretch for a longer period of time, it starts aching. Almost everyone experiences this pain from stillness where you are relieved only after stretching your leg muscles or dipping it in a bucket of warm water.

Solution: Change the position of your chair in order to ensure that your legs are at the comfortable point. Keep your feet flat over the floor as well as alter the chair’s height in a manner that knees are either at the same level as the hips or somewhat higher.